Free Intermediate Piano Improvisation Lessons

I thought it would be fun to put some lessons on this page that will get you playing melodies with a greater sense of musical freedom. All the greats, from Elton John to Keith Jarrett, play like this and you can use these techniques on a wide variety of  songs. My goal to help you become fluent in the musical language so you can easily sit down and play great music with a natural sense of "flow." 

One of the best but often-overlooked ways to become a great jazz pianist is to learn how to interpret melodies in a highly personal way. This lesson is the first in a series of four that shows you how to master this technique. You'll also become extremely comfortable soloing on jazz standards in the Intermediate Jazz series.

Intermediate Jazz: Lesson 25: Melodic interpretation and variation (Part 1) (Int)

Once you know the basics of pop styles, you can begin to play with a lot more rhythmic and textural flexibility. Since is the step that many so pianists get stuck at, I've created this lesson to help you move freely from one pattern to the next in the same song. Enjoy!

Pop Piano: Lesson 1 (Int)

"Working with Ron has been extremely beneficial. We focused on piano arrangement concepts and applied them directly to tunes like Body And Soul, There Will Never Be Another You, and Giant Steps. Ron has a way of motivating his students without being too pushy and the direction he is providing is allowing me to become a better jazz pianist. Ron is a great teacher!"

Jukube Felton

Here's a sample from The Art of Keith Jarrett series. These lessons dive deep into some of the musical elements of Jarrett's musical universe, including improvising over left hand ostinatos and modal chord voicings.

The Art of Keith Jarrett: Lesson 5 (Int)

Thanks to Ron’s teaching, I now feel confident enough as a pianist to play piano bar gigs, accompanying myself while singing jazz and pop songs. Do yourself a favor and study piano with him!

Julian Yeo

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