Fun & Inspiring Jazz, Blues, Rock & Pop Piano Lessons!

Learn to play Jazz, Blues, Rock, or Pop Piano with flow and fluency!

Hi! I’m Ron Drotos, and whether you’re new to improv or are an experienced Jazz, Blues, or Rock pianist who wants to get up to the professional level, my step-by-step video lessons, sheet music, and personal guidance are a winning combination.

When you’re having fun, you’ll keep playing… and when you keep playing, you’ll improve.

I’m Ron Drotos and I’m passionate about teaching all forms of piano improv including jazz, rock, blues, pop, and even classical improvisation. My own journey has taken me to Carnegie Hall, Broadway, and NYC’s Blue Note jazz club. In 2012, I created the KeyboardImprov website to teach piano students all over the world how to improvise with a new sense of joy and fluency.


I’ve tried other websites and this is by far the best. Ron is a great teacher who cares about his students. Do yourself a favor and sign up for his lessons, which I consider to be the best content on the internet.

Sam D.

Thanks to Ron’s teaching, I now feel confident enough as a pianist to play piano bar gigs, accompanying myself while singing jazz and pop songs. Do yourself a favor and study piano with him!

Julian Yeo

I’m so happy I found Ron’s lessons online. His demeanor, impressive background, and ability to convey the material in such an easy to assimilate manner is exactly what I was hoping to find in an instructor. My playing is improving by leaps and bounds!

Lisa I

Nowhere else – and I’m including all the jazz books I’ve purchased over the years and various websites I’ve been a member of – does anyone present improvising the way Ron does! His lessons are fabulous and his piano playing inspires me to finally attain my dream of becoming a jazz pianist. I highly recommend this “gem” of a website to anyone who wants to learn jazz piano!

Carole B