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Hi! I'm Ron Drotos.  I'm passionate about improvisation and I've discovered that if you love playing piano, you're pretty close to being able to sit down and improvise your favorite style of music fluently, with joy and confidence.  I know this because I've been teaching people to do this for over 25 years.  You'll find that it's actually pretty easy, with my expert, step-by-step instruction & personal guidance.

If you're new to improvisation, I'll get you improvising in just a few days, and if you're at the intermediate level, we'll delve deep into your favorite style of music, whether it's jazz, rock, blues, pop, or even classical improv. Unlike with random YouTube videos, you'll naturally assimilate each new skill you learn with my well-sequenced video courses and sheet music. You'll also have my personal support and guidance at every step of the way. So whether you want to play great jazz like Keith Jarrett, rock out like Elton John, or learn pop styles like Adele, I'm looking forward to helping you enjoy your piano playing more than ever!

"I've learned more from you in one month, Ron, than from all my other piano teachers combined. Thank you!" Amy B.

"I've tried other websites and this is by far the best. Ron is a great teacher who cares about his students. Do yourself a favor and sign up for his lessons, which I consider to be the best content on the internet." Sam D.

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"Nowhere else – and I’m including all the jazz books I’ve purchased over the years and various websites I’ve been a member of – does anyone present improvising the way Ron does! His lessons are fabulous and his piano playing inspires me to finally attain my dream of becoming a jazz pianist. I highly recommend this “gem” of a website to anyone who wants to learn jazz piano!" 

Carole B.

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"I am impressed by the quality and variety of the instructional materials, but I am especially impressed by the way Ron cares about his students, and takes an interest in their progress. This is a great place to learn to improvise jazz piano, as well as other styles.” Bill E.

"Hi Ron, I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your lessons. I am learning quickly - leaps and bounds. You are better than any piano instructor I've ever met, and that's saying something since I went to a world-renown music school for college. Your lessons and teaching style are, in a word, fabulous!” Daniel K.