What would help you play jazz piano the way you want to?

This question really applies to all styles of music, but it's particularly important for jazz pianists to ask themselves because of the specific technical and theoretical demands of the jazz language.

Simply put: most aspiring jazz pianists never get to the level they dream of.

From what I've seen over the years, this is because most jazz piano students don't have a clear view of the path they need to take. They buy a jazz book, start it, and then put it on the shelf to collect dust. Then they see another book, get excited, and repeat the process again. It becomes a cycle (and the books end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust).

Let's get a fresh start. Ask yourself the question again: What would help you play jazz piano the way you want to? (And don't simply answer "practice more." This isn't clear enough.)

Practice what? And for how long? Can you do it alone? Is information alone enough?

These are the questions that will enable you to start the path to playing the way you hear others play; the music you hear with your "inner ear."

Let's ask it one more time: What would help you play jazz piano the way you want to?

Think this over for a few days while you're practicing and while you're going about your daily activities. Doing this will help you see your current ability and your musical potential in a new, clearer way. With a new perspective.

If you can come up with even one new answer to this question, you'll already be well on your way!

My video course will give you a step-by-step, well-rounded approach to becoming a better jazz pianist. I'll also be there for you with personal guidance and advice.