Improving your sense of “swing”

If you want to improve your sense of “swing,” listen to some Wynton Kelly.

Kelly is most famous for his jazz piano work with Miles Davis and Wes Montgomery during the 1950s & 1960s. Simply put, no one swings harder than Wynton Kelly! Listen to him, absorb his sense of rhythm, and let it gradually come out in your own playing.

Here’s his most famous track: Freddie Freeloader (from the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue)

And then check out the burnin’ live version of No Blues with guitarist Wes Montgomery.

Have fun, and keep swinging!

I have the honor and privilege to help jazz piano students all over the world get over the jazz learning curve and play with a sense of fluency and ease. I would love to help you too. If you’re interested, we can get started today here.

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