Same title: 3 different songs

Have you ever noticed how the same word can mean different things to different people? Even a phrase like “a long time” can be interpreted as 5 minutes by one person and 5 years by another.

Songs titles are sometimes like that too. If a pop-loving music fan walked up to a jazz group and requested their favorite song, “All of Me,” they’d get a big surprise when the group started playing it! Or a jazz pianist might be a little mystified if she went to a Piano Guys concert and heard the same title announced.

The reason? There are actually 3 famous songs called “All of Me”

The first, chronologically, is an old chestnut from the Great American Songbook era. Over the years it’s become a jazz standard and the best place to become familiar with it is still by listening to Billie Holiday sing it. Enjoy her singing and also Lester Young’s brief but delightful tenor sax solo on this recording.

Our next stop is with Jon Schmidt, the pianist with The Piano Guys. John composed a New Age Classical piece with the same name. (I call it a “piece” rather than “song” because technically it’s not “sung.”) You’re in for a treat if you haven’t heard this before! Here it is.

And then came along the great singer/pianist John Legend to confuse matters even more (just kidding, John!). Here’s his pop classic.

So there you have it: 3 different songs with the same title. And it must be a good title indeed, because all 3 are incredible pieces of music and all 3 became instant classics soon after they were released!


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