Lady Gaga: A very generous performer

Have you ever seen Lady Gaga perform a duet with another artist? In a pop music world where many performers can be self-centered and selfish to the extreme, Lady Gaga gives a ton of energy and attention to the people she’s sharing the stage with.

Even though it may seem like everyone does this, the opposite is often true. I remember seeing Prince perform a duet with Beyoncé on TV and he never looked at her or otherwise acknowledged her presence, despite the fact that they were standing less than 2 feet away from each other for the entire song! I sat there thinking, “Can’t you at least glance her way once in a while? Include her in your world!”

In this context, it’s refreshing to see someone as famous as Lady Gaga be so generous with her energy. I first noticed it when she made the Lady Is A Tramp video with Tony Bennett. Even though they’re lip synching here, there’s a palpable chemistry between the two. Gaga is delightful, striking the perfect balance between charm and respect towards the much-older (and married!) Bennett.

Check it out here: The Lady Is A Tramp

There’s also a wonderful 2-piano duet that she and Elton John did at the 2010 Grammys. She went far beyond what was “necessary” in terms of onstage chemistry. Watch the intensity and joy that’s reflected in how she makes eye contact with him at certain points. (They also mashed-up their songs very effectively.)

Elton John/Lady Gaga Speechless/Your Song (Their duet starts at 2:16 in this clip.)

She’s giving a lot of positive energy to Sir Elton here.

There’s one more clip that shows this in a unique way. Here, Lady Gaga is singing Cole Porter’s classic torch song “Every Time We Say Goodbye,” accompanied only by a pianist. Watch what she does with him at 3:12 in the clip. I won’t give it away, other than to say that no one does this like she does!!!

It’s clear that Lady Gaga enjoys the onstage chemistry between herself and her fellow performers. She makes an extra effort to create a little electricity that inspires both herself and her musical collaborators, both those in the spotlight and those who aren’t. Bravo, Lady Gaga, for sharing your talent, enthusiasm, and love of music so selflessly with your fellow performers!

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