Pianists: Where does confidence come from?

We all have varying degrees of confidence when playing the piano in public. Some of us perform with gusto while some of us feel like we’re barely getting through the piece. (And yes, it can change from day-to-day.)

This is something I’ve been studying for years, both through my own experiences and by helping my piano students. But rather than give my thoughts about this right now, I’d like to invite you to ask yourself the question, “Where does confidence come from?”

But there’s a catch:

Take the first answer that comes to you and put it aside for a moment (even if it’s a great answer!). Sit with the question for a while and see if you have any further thoughts about it. Then answer the question “for real.” (You may still agree with your 1st thought, but you’ve also let the exploration go a little deeper.)

Please feel free to share your ideas and experiences about this in the comments section below. We can all help each other with this one 🙂

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