3 recipes for the flowering of new musical styles

Recipe number 1:

Take a strong Lutheran hymn-singing tradition,

Add the flowering of linear counterpoint.

Simmer in a socio-religious environment that demanded new church music composed on a weekly basis and you get J.S. Bach and the high Baroque style.

Recipe number 2:

Take peoples from an unusually wide variety of cultures living in a city of trade and commerce,

Add unexpected and brutal repression of certain of those ethnic groups.

Boil in a social scene that required live music on a daily basis for dancing, parades, and general entertainment and you get Jelly Roll Morton and the birth of Jazz.

Recipe number 3:

Take a musically hungry post-war society that was still recovering from great suffering,

Add an earnest but not-always-successful attempt to copy American Rock and Roll and Blues music.

Sauté in a wildly enthusiastic youth environment and you get The British Invasion.

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