Our real goal with the piano

In addition to teaching the specifics of piano-playing, my real goal is to help people keep music in their lives, which can be challenging with our busy schedules these days. After all, everything else follows from this.

The key is to reconnect with your love of music each day, at least for a few minutes. If you wish, you can take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine some music in your mind. Enjoy the feeling of hearing it in your head. Then, sit down at your piano and play a little bit, simply for the enjoyment.

This kind of thing can go a long way, and can bring a lot of musical enjoyment into our lives. Take a few minutes of peaceful piano time, for yourself. It’s especially important to do this during a busy season like this.

Do it for yourself, and savor every minute!


You may enjoy my recent performance of this beautiful song from Steve Swallow. It has pop-based harmonies with an improvisatory sensibility. Playing a tune like this is a way to expand our musical horizons:

The Green Mountains: Journey Through The Real Book #140

And if you’re looking for some fresh, professional-sounding arrangements of classic Christmas songs to play, you’ll enjoy my ebook:

A Keyboard Christmas Collection

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