How Taylor Swift Writes A Love Song

Taylor Swift has given songwriters a real gift: a detailed demonstration on how she composed her song “Lover.” On this video, she shows how she began with a short musical idea and used her craft to develop it into a full composition.

It’s a big thing when a songwriter as accomplished as Swift leads us through her songwriting process, and even lets us hear her initial home recordings of parts of the song, as she sang and played them for her own use. Imagine if Cole Porter or Duke Ellington had done the same? Many of today’s songwriters would give anything to hear that, and Swift has given not just us but future generations of composers something that will help and inspire their own efforts as well.

Here’s the video:

Taylor Swift has solid songwriting chops, and her “pop” hits display the same craftsmanship as her earlier Country songs did.

The wonderful thing about a video like this is that it reminds us that the songwriting process is the same for all of us, whether we’re famous or not. You and I can do exactly like Swift, Cole Porter, and Duke Ellington did: come up with a nice musical idea and craft it into a finished song.

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”


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