OK… you’ve learned the notes. Then what?

When we say we’re “learning a piece,” we usually mean that we’re learning the notes.

But even though learning the notes is a big accomplishment, it’s really just the “tip of the iceberg.”

After our fingers can play the notes, that’s when we begin really learning the piece.

What does this mean?

Sit down at the piano and play a piece that you know. Pick some music that your fingers can play without struggle. Something you’ve practiced a lot and can play fluently. It can be a pop song, a classical piece, a hymn, a traditional blues tune, or a jazz standard. Anything at all.

And then simply ask yourself “What next?” Don’t try to answer it right away. Just play the notes and stay in front of this question.

See what comes to you. Perhaps you’ll see that it needs to be played more legato. Or you need to play the left hand accompaniment more crisply. Or maybe there’s an inner voice part that you want to bring out a little. Or, going deeper, you realize that the music is touching you emotionally. How can you experience that more? Or does the music make you want to dance? Perhaps you play it a little more dance-like?

The idea is to take this journey yourself. Learn the notes, yes, and realize that this is where the journey starts, not ends. In fact, this is why the music was most likely created in the first place!

Bon voyage!

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