Here's what you'll learn with my Piano Improv video course:

  • How to play fluently, with confidence and ease, in jazz, rock, blues, pop, or classical styles 
  • Solo piano styles, accompaniment patterns, and a greater understanding of music in general
  • You''ll be able to sit down at any piano and improvise great music effortlessly!

Even with all the information available today, the fact is that most people never learn to play piano as well as they'd like. Random youtube videos can be fun, but they will only take you so far. My video course will help you take your playing "to the next level" because I've sequenced the lessons to help you assimilate the material as you're learning each technique. For instance, the Rock and Blues Basics series teaches you hand independence at the same time as you're learning the blues scale. By the time you master the scale, you can also improvise over a left hand pattern, over a variety of rock chord progressions. The same goes for the Intro to Jazz and Flowing Water lessons.

ron drotos
"I am especially impressed by the way Ron cares about his students, and takes an interest in their progress." Bill S.

Here's what you'll get when you subscribe to my Video Course:

  • Full access to over 300 carefully-sequenced, step-by-step lessons in every style, including Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, and even Classical Piano and Organ. Check out the Complete list of lessons.
  • My special "Flowing Water" lessons will get you started improvising right away, and help intermediate pianists become very fluent.
  • Many unique lessons, such as my visually-oriented General Improv series and The Art of Keith Jarrett. You'll also learn how to create your own piano accompaniments (and become very popular with vocalists!).
  • Downloadable sheet music with every lesson.
  • New lessons added every week
  • A weekly "Members Only" email with in-depth musical insights, instruction, and listening suggestions
  • Personal instruction via weekly audio/video exchange (optional) and 24/7 email support and guidance. I'll also help you learn any song you like, in any musical style.

"I started improvising right away and experienced a wonderful feeling of musical freedom." Alicia A.

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