How to create a jazz piano arrangement

How to create a jazz piano arr screen shot
One of the biggest challenges in jazz piano is how to take a tune you know and create a full piano arrangement. Using just the chords and melody to lead ourselves and our listeners in a complete journey, with a beginning, middle, and end.

The approach you take will have a lot to do with the level you’re at. If you’re in the beginning stages of learning jazz piano, you’ll need to take an approach that corresponds to that level. If you’re an intermediate player, there are other options open to you. And advanced players can take still other approaches.

I’ve made a video to help you become clear about what level you’re at and how this can specifically show you how to create great jazz piano arrangements using a tune’s chords and melody.

Here’s the video, in which I use the jazz standard “All The Things You Are” as an example:
How to create a jazz piano arrangement

See if you can apply the concepts I demonstrate to a few other tunes you know. Good luck and above all, have fun!

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