Here’s what I’m thinking while you practice piano

Here’s what I’m thinking while you practice piano:

While you’re thinking: I’m a terrible pianist!
I’m thinking: It is so beautiful seeing you at the piano, exercising your musical mind and bringing joy into this world.

While you’re thinking: I’ll never be able to play this piece!
I’m thinking: Yes you will; if you stay patient and dedicated.

While you’re thinking: I’m not improving at all!
I’m thinking: Everyone else can hear how much you’ve improved.

While you’re thinking: I play too many wrong notes!
I’m thinking: All you need to do is practice slower and aim for “flow.”

While you’re thinking: This is really hard!
I’m thinking: Great! Now keep going!!! (smile)

I’d really love to help you play piano with more confidence and ease. Let’s get started today.

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