Free Advanced Jazz Piano Lessons

Most of my advanced jazz piano students study with me via Skype, since that way I can give you realtime guidance and lead you through exercises from moment-to-moment. My video course will supplement this by teaching you specific techniques from the jazz greats. I thought you'd enjoy a couple of lessons here that deal with linear improv, as used by Duke Ellington, Bill Evans, and Clare Fischer. This will bring a whole new element to your jazz piano playing!

Advanced Jazz: Lesson 3: Linear Harmony (Part 3) (Adv)

Advanced Jazz: Lesson 4: Linear Harmony (Part 4) (Adv)

"Ron has helped me take my jazz playing to levels I didn’t think were possible. If I had the opportunity to learn from someone like him as a child, being a professional musician would have been my choice." Will P.

The Art of Keith Jarrett: Lesson 10 (Int/Adv)


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