As a piano teacher, you have 3 options…

As a piano teacher, you have 3 options…

1. Totally conform to the world your students live in; their lifestyle, their accustomed way of learning, the type of music they like, etc. Work within this world and gradually bring more and more of what you want them to learn into it.

2. Do the complete opposite of #1; insist that your students conform to your preferred approach, from their very first lesson. Tell them exactly how you want them to practice and only give them music that you believe will help them learn piano the way you envision. Don’t back down no matter what.

3. Meet your students halfway; bringing your musical vision and personal values to the table but working within the framework of their lives and worldview.

All 3 options can work well, and there are pros and cons to each one. The approach you take depends on where you are in your own life, the environment in which you teach, and how much resistance you want to deal with before you see results (this applies especially to #2).

Which method do you want to take? Choose wisely.

If you’re a classically-trained pianist who would love to improvise and bring this into your own piano teaching, I can get you started in an easy, fun way.

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