I sometimes find myself going about my daily activities and suddenly I’ll want to say “Hi.” Yep, that’s it – just to say ‘Hi.”

It’s sounds a little silly, doesn’t it, but the fact of the matter is that I really appreciate you reading this. You love music, you aspire to develop your skills at the piano, and perhaps most of all, you want to enjoy playing piano as much as possible. And as you go about your life, you “check in” with your musical self throughout each day, or at least as much as you can.

So here goes…. “Hi!”

Maybe it‘s the time of year, but I’m also feeling appreciative that I’m connecting with pianists all over the world, in new and exciting ways. The other night I got to sleep pretty late, and set my alarm clock for 6:00 am. The reason? I was scheduled to teach a piano lesson at 6:30 am to a student who lives in Seoul, South Korea. Wow! South Korea! As early as it was, I feel that it’s incredible that an aspiring pianist in South Korea has asked me to teach her piano. This couldn’t have happened for thousands of years of human history, but now it can happen. Amazing! And to be fully appreciated at each moment.

We can also be appreciative of what we can each play on piano, as we also aspire to learn more. While you play, please don’t constantly think “I should be playing better” as so many improvising musicians do. Instead, enter deeply into the process of playing and establish a firm connection with the music you’re hearing in your head. Tap into the flow, and play your heart out! Then, sit down and diligently practice what you’re like to improve about your playing. But let all that go when you‘re actually improvising or playing a written piece.

If you’d like some help to become a more proficient, fluent, and generally better jazz pianist, you may enjoy learning from my video course which also has sheet music for each lesson. The jazz lessons cover all levels from beginning to intermediate to advanced, and I’ve structured the curriculum so that you learn theory as you go along, putting it all into practice at every step. I’ve also tried to make every lesson special, sharing musical insights I’ve learned along the way to help you understand music in a more complete and musical way.

You can get started here:
KeyboardImprov: Get Started

By the way, if you’re interested in giving a subscription to a friend or family member, as a gift, please email me instead of signing up directly. This way we can keep it a surprise until you’re ready to tell them about it. A lot of people get a Quarterly Membership for their friends. It’s only $70 and then their friend can decide whether to continue on their own if they wish. Helping someone get over the learning curve with jazz piano improv is something they’ll enjoy forever.

Thanks so much for being here, and I wish you the very best with your music. Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”


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