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Hi! I'm Ron Drotos, and if you want to become fluent at piano improv, you've come to the right place!  I've designed KeyboardImprov to save you countless hours of searching the internet only to find out that much of the piano instruction instruction is either too complicated, overly theoretical, or just plain wrong. (Hint: You don't have to memorize all 7 modes before you can improvise on "Autumn Leaves!") I'll show you how to get started with an easier method that will also help you go further in the long run!

You'll get the best of step-by-step video instruction with personal guidance to teach you essential improvisational techniques and help you develop hand independence and rhythmic flexibility at the same time.

"Ron - It's been a couple of weeks since I started your piano keyboard improv lessons. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it. I am learning quickly--leaps and bounds. Your lessons and teaching style are, in a word, fabulous. In two words, world class." Daniel K.

"I am especially impressed by the way Ron cares about me as a student, and takes a real interest in my progress." Bill S.

  • You'll get access to over 300 video lessons, each with sheet music, in a variety of musical styles, including jazz, blues, rock, pop, classical improvisation and even contemporary worship.
  • My piano improv lessons are carefully-sequenced to help you assimilate each new skill as you go along. As you learn chord voicings, for example, you'll also be developing remarkable hand independence.
  • Unlike theoretical books or random videos, you'll get actual playing experience as you develop fluency at every step of the way. You'll become able to sit down at any piano and improvise music effortlessly!
  • All the video lessons are easy to follow and have sheet music included. My students make remarkable progress because I'm always available to answer questions and give personal guidance.

You'll learn:
Beginning Improv (You'll feel comfortable improvising within a few days!)
Jazz (Chords, voicings, walking bass, modes, bebop soloing, ballads, melodic development)
Blues (Classic blues and New Orleans styles, along with jazz blues and rock genres)
Pop improv and "playing from chords"
How to use Keith Jarrett's improv techniques in my unique The Art of Keith Jarrett course
Classical piano improvisation
Contemporary Worship (Gospel, jazz, and pop)

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What you'll get as a member:

You'll have full access to my complete video course of over 300 lessons, so you can learn any style you want including rock, funk, pop, and blues.

Downloadable sheet music included with every lesson

Weekly "members-only" newsletter, with insightful discussions of famous pianists, musical topics, and listening suggestions.

Personal guidance any time you want it. (You can email me with questions, or send an audio of video and I'll give you feedback and practice suggestions.)

Weekly free "10-minute Skype sessions," so you can check in with me in person to ask a question or two, play what you've been practicing, or ask me too demonstrate something you'd like to learn. These are a great motivation to practice!

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