A 10-Week Skype Jazz Piano course

One thing I’ve seen is that a lot of people who’ve begun to learn jazz piano unintentionally hold themselves back. They want to get to a certain level of ability and perhaps play with other musicians but they never seem to learn the core repertoire of tunes well enough to feel confident playing solo or at jam sessions. Or, they’re stuck at a certain level and can’t seem to integrate new techniques into their playing in a natural way.

To help everyone with this, I’m offering a 10-week course called Mastering The Real Book! A 10-Week Skype Intensive for Jazz Pianists.

My goal is to give you and your playing a big boost of energy via an exciting and intensive period of weekly, individual Skype lessons. We’ll focus on a group of Real Book tunes and you’ll come out of it being able to play these tunes with confidence and fluency.

I hope you take this opportunity to push yourself a little harder than usual for a 10-week period. It’s my goal to help you as much as I can and I know from experience that we all need to go through periods where we work to get to a new level and get advice from someone who’s “been there before.”

You can find out more details about what we’ll be studying and sign up here:

Mastering The Real Book! A 10-Week Skype Intensive for Jazz Pianists

As always, let the music flow and remember to enjoy yourself at every step of the way!


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