Mastering The Real Book: A 10-Week Skype Intensive for Jazz Pianists

Hi! I’m Ron Drotos and I’m offering this course to give your jazz piano playing a big boost of energy. The Real Book has become “essential jazz repertoire” and simply put, the better you know these tunes, the more confident you’ll be at jam sessions and the farther you’ll go with your jazz playing

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet on Skype once per week for 10 weeks.  Each session lasts 30 minutes, with extra time during the first session so we can discuss your specific musical needs and goals and create a detailed practice plan.

The idea is to choose one specific jazz concept or technique to focus on, and apply this to 3-5 Real Book tunes. Pick something you’d always wanted to master, such as walking bass lines, rootless voicings, bebop soloing, or jazz ballad textures. Over the course of our 10 sessions together, you’ll learn the skill in an in-depth way and take your jazz piano playing to a whole new level!

I’m so happy I found Ron’s lessons online. His demeanor, impressive background, and ability to convey the material in such an easy to assimilate manner is exactly what I was hoping to find in an instructor. My playing is improving by leaps and bounds!

Lisa Irion

I’ve tried other websites and this is by far the best. Ron is a great teacher who cares about his students. Do yourself a favor and sign up for his lessons, which I consider to be the best content on the internet.”

Sam D.

I’m looking forward to helping you “jump start” your jazz piano playing during these 10 weeks. I’ll push you to go beyond what you would normally achieve with your jazz piano playing so you feel better about your playing and enjoy improvising more than ever. Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Let’s get started!

Group of 10 “Mastering The Real Book” 30-minute Skype lessons for $300.00