Which topic resonates with you?

Hey Improvisers!

It’s interesting how various concepts resonate with us differently at different times. One day, a certain quote or phrase seems to be exactly what we need to hear and the next day, it’s something else altogether.

I’m finding this out first-hand while making my 31-day video series on Keith Jarrett. Each day, I get really inspired by the topic I’m diving into, and it changes every day.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a few of the videos I’ve recently posted, so you don’t have to necessarily wade through them all to find which one inspires you today. You can simply choose a topic which interests you and watch the video. The videos are all relatively short and you can immediately put the concepts into play at your piano or keyboard.

These are all aspects of Keith Jarrett’s musicianship which we can use in our own improvising:

Playing with a free sense of phrasing

Using Middle Eastern influences

Improvising free-form intros

The benefits of diving deep into familiar tunes

Starting your improvisation from a quiet place



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