What’s the path of your musical development?

What’s the path of your musical development?

I ask this question because too many pianists feel that there is a “correct” path, and that they need to follow it.

The truth is that there is no one path for everyone. Yes, there is a destination, and there are many paths that will take you there.

Each of us needs to take a path that takes into account our individual talents and musical inclinations, and at the same time challenges us to expand our abilities.

As an example, I myself took my own path when learning to play jazz piano. While most aspiring jazz pianists spend a great deal of time learning to play at medium and fast tempos, I found that ballads came much easier for me. The irony is that I while could play ballads maturely, even as a teenager, it took me much longer to learn how to play uptempo tunes well. It’s the reverse of how most players develop!

What musical path are you following? Will it get you to where you want to go?

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