What’s the “Before and After” with your piano playing?

Hey Improvisers,

Have you ever seen those “Before and After” photos in magazines? The ones where they show someone before and after they get a new hair style or makeover?

I was listening to someone play piano yesterday and noticed how they’re at an entirely new level of playing than they were a few months ago, and I smiled since they’re music reminded me of these makeover photos. Maybe we can call it a “musical makeover.”

Here are some pianistic “before and after” scenarios I see all the time:

“Everything I play sounds the same.”

“I’ve learned how to use little rhythmic variety to keep my music sounding fresh and spontaneous.”

“My playing sounds stilted because I always have to stop and think about the next chord.”

“I feel better about my playing now that I begin by tapping into the groove, and I can now begin practicing unfamiliar chords and voicings.”

“I never know what to play when I’m asked to play piano at a friend’s house.”

“I’ve memorized several songs and am confident improvising. Now I get lots of compliments on my playing.”

You’re “before” is your current level of playing. What will your “after” be?

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”


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