What does “regularity” look like?

When it comes to practicing piano, we often think that “regularity” means practicing for 5 hours every day. You know, the “all of nothing” approach. Unfortunately, this usually means “nothing” and we end up feeling bad because we can’t live up to what we imagine we should be doing.

Regularity, however, can mean a lot of different things. Here are a few of them:

Regularity is:

Taking a walk with your coworkers during your lunch break on Mondays and Wednesdays

Eating a carb-free breakfast each morning

Doing 5 minutes of stretching exercises each day at some point

Listening to jazz in the car on the way home from work each weekday

Playing baseball in a recreation league each Spring

Practicing 5 minutes of scales at the start of each piano practice session

Taking a weekly piano lesson every Tuesday, even if you haven’t practiced “enough”

Playing the same jazz standard each day for a month

Visiting a different major league baseball stadium each year, until you eventually get to them all

Learn a new Chopin Etude each year

Sightread through the Charlie Parker Omnibook every day for a full year

Memorize a new song each week

You get the idea. Now, the big question becomes “What are you going to decide to do on a regular basis?” What goal do you want to achieve?

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