Using momentum to your musical advantage

The little league baseball team is in the midst of a rally. 4 out of 5 batters have hit the ball and it looks like they might come from behind to win the game. Then, the team’s worst hitter steps up to the plate and surprises everyone by smacking the ball into the outfield. The rally continues and the teams goes on to win the game.

What happened? Momentum!

You need to study for a big test. At first it’s just drudgery; you can’t seem to remember any of the facts and you keep becoming drowsy. But after a few days, something ‘clicks’ and you start assimilating the material much more easily.

What happened? Momentum!

Use this natural tendency to your advantage. Decide you want to practice something and stick with it. See what happens after a few days. Chances are, the momentum will kick in and then all you have to do is “ride the wave.” Use momentum to your musical advantage.

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