Top 10 Reasons to Visit Fairbanks during Summer


I’m just about finished with my 2-week stint at The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, teaching classes and playing the piano. This was my 14th year at the festival and I had a great time as always.

Here are my top 10 reasons to visit Fairbanks during summer:

  1. The weather. ( OK, a little rainy this year, but usually dry, sunny, and about 70-85 degrees. A nice break from the New York City heat and humidity.)
  2. The moose-meat pizza. (Prepared for me only once, but delicious and unforgettable. Moose tastes like lean sirloin.)
  3. The wildflowers. (The best is fireweed, but it’s technically not a flower, hence the name.)
  4. The mountains. (Denali/Mt. McKinley is sometimes visible from Fairbanks.)
  5. Hot Licks Alaskan Blueberry ice cream. (But be careful when ordering at Hot Licks; they also have a special asparagus ice cream in honor of the state fair’s vegetable-of-the-year!)
  6. The local art, especially the landscape paintings and Yu’pik masks.
  7. The World Eskimo Olympics. (The high-kick event must be seen to be believed, not to mention the ear-pulling and seal-skinning contests!)
  8. The Pioneer Day parade, which always begins with the antique cars.
  9. The many artistic and cultural events all over town, including, of course, the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.
  10. The wonderful, open, receptive and welcoming people of Alaska!

Here’s a video of me performing at the festival with a great drummer named Diamond Fuller:

Does anyone else have summer travel experiences they’d like to share? Put them in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Visit Fairbanks during Summer”

  1. Watch out for Ron D. His way of teaching light musical candles in me that have turned into a blaze.

    Young Drotos Student, age 77


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