Playing piano doesn’t get harder, it gets easier :)

When you’re struggling to learn piano, it may seem like you’ll be sludging up hill forever. Believe me, I know the feeling! But also believe me when I tell you it will get easier. You just have to get up over that hill. Yes, there will be another hill, but it’s not the same kind of hill. It’s a more fun hill.

At first, everything’s difficult. But once you become a fluent pianist it becomes more about picking and choosing where you want to go. You’ll still have to work at things, but it’s an enjoyable feeling, not like you may feel at the beginning or even intermediate stages.

(Of course, the real trick is to get a little bit of this feeling right at the beginning and to keep it during every step of the way!)

I’ll say it again; piano doesn’t get harder, it gets easier 🙂

And while we’re at it, here’s the Secret Formula for Musical Success (shhh!)

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