The Journey Through The Real Book continues!

Hey Improvisers,

Thanks for the warm response to last week’s post about my KeyboardImprov “creation story.” Your support and enthusiasm means a lot to me and I’m glad that so many of you are finding inspiration in what I shared in that post.

I’m still working on my book, and I’ve started posting Real Book videos again on a weekly basis. In June, I’ll begin making Beatles piano videos again too, as well as videos on various topics (including classical piano improv).

Here’s the latest installment in our Journey Through The Real Book. It’s a beautiful tune titled “Love Is The Sweetest Thing,” by the Swing Era composer and bandleader Ray Noble. (If you’ve ever seen the classic movie The Pride Of The Yankees, you’ve seen onstage in the ballroom scene.)

“Love Is The Sweetest Thing” is a wonderful old “chestnut,” and has influenced the lyricism in Paul McCartney’s music, among others. In fact, McCartney likes the song so much that the included it on the album he produced for the vocalist Mary Hopkin, in 1969.

This is the kind of beautiful song that’s influenced music in all genres, from jazz to pop to rock and folk:

Journey Through The Real Book #218: Love Is The Sweetest Thing

I hope you enjoy this video and remember… you have much more musical potential than you may think. You just have to stay with it!


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