The Improvising Pianist’s Ultimate Guide To The Beatles

When Duke Ellington was asked which song of his was his favorite, he replied “The next one.” This is a great answer, and it speaks to the enjoyment of the process, not just the “result.”

In the spirit of Ellington’s answer, I’m proud to announce the first published page of my new online resource, The Improvising Pianist’s Ultimate Guide To The Beatles.

No sooner had I completed the 400th and final page of my Jazz Pianist’s Ultimate Guide To The Real Book (after 2 years of hard work), I began working on the new Beatles book.

My aim is to take a close look at every Beatles song, and discuss it from an improvising pianist’s point of view. You’ll get a sense of the song’s history, cultural context, recordings by The Beatles and other cover versions, as well as piano improv tips and links for further study.

Here’s the first page:

Across The Universe

I hope you enjoy this free resource to help you enjoy your piano playing more and dive deeper into the wondrous musical world of The Beatles.

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”

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