The healing power of an hour at the piano

After spending Monday teaching piano lessons all day via Skype and Zoom, I woke up Tuesday morning to see an email from one of those students. He said how great it was to be able, during crazy times, to “forget about all that and just focus on music.”

His email reminded me about a big part of the possible role of the piano in our lives.

Playing piano with focused attention has the power to touch deep parts of ourselves. It helps heal us and nurture our souls. Rather than view this as an “escape” from life, it actually refreshes us in a way that can enable us to better deal with whatever life brings our way.

This is an important aspect of playing music, and it’s independent of our playing level. I also think it’s one reason why music has been such a big part of spiritual traditions all over the world.

An hour at the piano can resonate with us long after we’ve lifted our fingers from the keys. Give it a try, and “let the music flow!”


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