The biggest musical challenge you’ll ever face…

The biggest musical challenge you’ll ever face is not what you think it is. It’s not learning how to play Beethoven’s “Diabelli Variations” or improvising great bebop.

Most musicians focus on “attainment” when I think the real challenge is incorporating music into our everyday lives.  But ironically, if we successfully integrate music into our daily lives, we’ll go farther on our instruments than we ever imagined!

You know your own life much better than I do.  So think about it for a moment; what can you do musically on a daily basis.  By practicing? Listening to your favorite artist?  Playing piano for 5 minutes before breakfast? Improvising a little before bedtime? Reading an interview with a great musician ever day during your lunch break?  Even thinking about music on a busy day can keep the thread going for you.

Take a moment and come up with a few possibilities. Simple ones that don’t change your routine too much.  The good news is that after a few weeks, you won’t believe that you ever went without music every day!

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