The Best Way To Use The Real Book

I was thinking about what I would say to you if we met in a café and you asked me for some advice on how to become a much better jazz pianist. We all know some of the obvious answers to this questions: take lessons, practice more, etc.

But what would I say to you that most people overlook? What could I tell you in a few sentences that would change your whole outlook on how to practice and learn piano?

Here it is, and it’s only 42 seconds long. I’ve used The Real Book as an example but my advice applies to all types of music and styles.

The Best Way To Use The Real Book

I hope you’ll take 2 things away from this video:

1. That you’ll stop getting “bogged down” and making the common mistake I refer to at the beginning.


2. That you’ll embrace what I demonstrate as a way to “move laterally” instead of getting stuck on one piece of music, which can be very frustrating.

Be sure to watch the video because it’s much more powerful than if you only read this advice in print.

I hope you get something very special from watching this, and that you’ll be able to put it into actual practice. This is how I’ve always practiced and it could make a big difference with your piano playing as well.

Have fun, and remember to enjoy every step of the way!


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