The benefit of performing a few songs in a row

If you get a little (or more than a little) nervous about playing piano in front of an audience, here’s a tip: is possible, play more than one song. When you just play one piece, everything is riding on that one song. “Oh, I better play this perfectly.” “I wonder if they’re enjoying this.” “When is this going to be over?”

But something wonderful happens after the 2nd or 3rd song: you relax. Everything’s in motion, including our feelings. So whatever you feel when you start your first song will eventually morph into something else. You just have to give it enough time. I encourage my piano students to find performance opportunities where they can play at least 3-4 pieces. Afterwards, they usually say things like, “Wow, I actually ENJOYED it,” or “I even forgot the audience was there!”

Try it for yourself. Invite a friend over and give an informal 20 minute mini-concert. See what happens; you may even want to do it again!

Here are some free piano improv lessons. Enjoy!

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