The 3 steps to realizing your musical potential at the piano

We’re looking at your long-term development as a pianist here.

Viewed over the long-term, the 3 steps to realizing your musical potential at the piano are:

Interest, Application, and Persistence

1. Interest: It sounds obvious, but we need to be interested in something to learn it in a real way. Looking at it deeper, we need to be either interested in the musical materials at hand or in developing our pianistic skills. Or both. Without this, we won’t get anywhere.

2. Application: We need to actually sit down at the piano and do it. This can mean practicing, playing, jamming with a band, performing, or anything else that gets us pushing down keys and making music.

3. Persistence: Whether alone or with a group, we need to stay with it long enough to develop our musical ability at the keyboard. A good teacher is usually a necessity at some point in our development.

The main thing is to take each of the concepts here and “run with it.” Sit with each one for a while. Think them over. Experiment with ways to apply them to your music. That’s where your real musical growth will come from: Interest, Application, and Persistence.

Enjoy the journey, and “let the music flow!”

PS – Interest, Application, and Persistence apply to the microcosm as well as to the macrocosm. Just as they are needed for our long-term development, they’re needed on a daily basis too, for each specific piece of music or concept we learn along the way.

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