The 10 best of the year

Since I started blogging daily (or mostly daily) almost a full year ago (January 27), I thought I’d look back over what I’ve written and pick the “best” 10 posts to share here. These are my 10 posts from 2015 that I think can make the biggest difference for you as a pianist.


Poof! 40,000 years of music-making goes down the drain

I bet there is someone who would really love to hear you play piano

In order to thrive, we need a musical “scene”

An “expert” is someone who’s made 1,000 mistakes, but has learned from them all

10 “Must-know” tunes for beginning jazz musicians

10 Essential steps to learning a jazz tune on piano

A songwriting template that really works!

The REAL difference between amateur and professional musicians

Using sheet music as a guide, not a limitation

The most effective way to learn jazz piano theory

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