Swing Era big band music for New Year’s Eve

Childhood memories live on, and for me, New Years Eve means Swing Era big band dance music.

Growing up in the 1970s, I vividly remember my father turning on the TV each New Years Eve while announcing “Guy Lombardo.” As a child of the rock era, I had no idea of who exactly Guy Lombardo was. For me, he was the guy on our small black-and-white television screen playing nice dance music while we sat at home on our sofa, trying to stay awake until midnight.

To bring back some happy memories, (and for those who want to see what New Years Eve was like before Ryan Seacrest), I’ve found this clip on YouTube:

Guy Lombardo New Years Eve

For today, New Years Eve 2020, it’s a lucky coincidence that our Journey Through The Real Book has brought us to one of the most famous Swing Era tunes of them all; Glenn Miller’s big hit “In The Mood.”

“In The Mood” is fun to play in many musical settings. I’ve enjoyed playing it over the years with big bands, while accompanying vocal groups, and now, as a solo piano piece.

The tune works well on piano, and in this video you’ll see and hear ways to use pianistic textures to enjoy interpreting it on your own keyboard.

In The Mood: Journey Through The Real Book #178

Happy New Year’s Eve!


PS – Tomorrow, New Years Day, I’ll be launching an exciting 31-Day video series on YouTube. (Let’s keep it a surprise until tomorrow!)

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