#SundayPianoImprov on Twitter

I thought it would be fun to share our piano improvisations on Twitter using the hashtag #SundayPianoImprov.

It’s simple: Just make a video or audio of yourself improvising on piano or keyboard, upload it to whatever internet host you prefer (YouTube, etc), and put the link on Twitter on any Sunday with the hashtag #SundayPianoImprov.

Any style of music is welcome, and you can do a “total improv” or base your improvisation on a tune. Don’t worry how “advanced” you are, either. Beginners as well as seasoned veterans are welcome. Posting each week can give you a nice bit of motivation to keep practicing, and you’ll sometimes surprise yourself with how good you play!

Maybe we can build a real community where we support each other’s improvising.

Here are two videos from yesterday (the first is by “yours truly”):

After A Summer Day

Piano Improv

I hope to hear you yourself improvise on one of these Sundays!

If you need a little help with your piano improv, here are some lessons to get you more comfortable improvising. Have fun!

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