Setting your musical goals for the week

If your piano practicing needs a little “boost,” try writing down your goals for the week. Nothing fancy, just a sentence or two about what you want to spend time doing each day. I sometimes do this during busy times. Looking at my list helps me get to the piano each day.

Here’s my list for the next few days. (Since I’m a piano teacher as well as a pianist, I’ll give myself both a teaching project as well as a musical activity for each day.)

Teaching – Sketch prototype for new piano improv app I’m designing.
Playing – Improvise on Bach’s “Musical Offering” (Specifically, take the theme through several keys in 2-part counterpoint)

Teaching – Post 2 new lessons for my online piano improv students
Playing – Work on Duke Ellington’s tune “Black Beauty” (My summer project is to learn jazz tunes from my “bucket list”)

Teaching – Finish composing 1 piece for my Heavy Metal piano ebook (I’ve already sketched out ideas for 4 pieces)
Playing – Learn George Russell’s post-bebop tune “Ezz-thetic” (And listen to original version and Lee Konitz’ recording)

You get the idea. Think about what you want to work on and then write down some specifics for each day. Post the list in a place where you’ll see it so it reminds you each day. But don’t be too harsh on yourself if you don’t accomplish it every day. Over the course of the week you’ll probably practice more than you would have without the list, and you’ll feel good about having a general direction.

Let me know how it goes, in the comments below. Good luck and happy practicing!

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