Reconnecting with my rock and roll past (gasp!)

In my recent blog post, “For musicians; 10 ways to improve and invigorate your playing,” I suggested that musicians revisit the music they liked when they were 15 years old. For me, this is predominantly classic rock, along with some jazz and classical. Maybe it was all the time I spent playing in garage bands, but there’s something about Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones that hits me in my emotional gut in a way that even Beethoven and Charlie Parker don’t. Not necessarily better, but different.

I recently had a chance to re-explore my rock and roll roots (“Glory Days” anyone?) with my good friend Seth Limmer. Seth, who plays a mean guitar, is a walking encyclopedia of rock music, and more. Do you want to know who played drums on such-n-such’s obscure B-side in 1974? Just ask Seth-i-pedia; he’ll know for sure. Because his enthusiasm is contagious, I always feel energized after our musical discussions.

Seth recently asked me to record a song with him. “Green Goddess” was composed by a college friend of his, Dave Rothkopf, and Seth was assembling new versions of Dave’s songs as a birthday gift. We had a blast recording this! Just the two of us with a guitar, a piano, and a laptop. It’s not high-tech, but it captures something special. Here’s the recording: Enjoy!

“Green Goddess”

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