Receiving daily inspiration at Miles Davis’ NYC apartment

Receiving daily inspiration is a vital aspect of anything we enjoy doing,
whether it’s a job or a hobby, and I’m the same as you in this regard.

Every day I try to stay connected with my love of music, and I’ll take
inspiration from wherever it appears. I get to do this in a fun way several times per week, when I drive through Manhattan’s Upper West Side near Riverside Drive.

One of my usual routes takes me right past the NYC apartment that the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis lived in for decades (312 W.77th Street).

As I slowly drive down the one-way residential block, I find myself only a few feet from his front door. I look right at the small, paved “front yard” area where he held outdoor jam sessions during the 1950s, which led people to complain about the “noise” until they found out how famous their neighbor was! I always glance at the front door, where Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, and other great musicians entered on their way to rehearse in Miles’ basement. I always leave refreshed and renewed, ready to play whatever music the dawning day will bring my way.

Wow – Miles Davis lived right there!

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