Re-energizing your piano improv

Well, it’s the beginning of September and after traveling to Alaska during July and taking a little time off in August, I definitely feel energized and “ready to go” with my teaching and performing!

Changes of season are always a good time to re-focus ourselves and see what our musical priorities and goals really are, and I’m finding that I’ve been practicing with my left hand lately. My goal is to improve my left hand technique and, even more importantly, incorporate it conceptually with what my right hand is playing. In this regard, I’ve probably been inspired by Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock, both of whom have publicly stated that they’ve done this themselves over the past decade or so.

Isn’t it wonderful that even the “greats” continually re-evaluate their own playing and take the initiative to learn new things?

I hope my 3 latest “Journey Through The Real Book” videos inspire you to keep practicing and developing your skills at the piano. I’m having a wonderful time making this series and it’s a real honor to know that some of you are even watching the entire series in the order I’ve made them, one video at a time.

Here are the newest ones, which feature 3 incredible tunes:

Black Diamond

Black Narcissus

Black Nile

Enjoy these performances and let them inspire to you go to the piano and work towards getting to the next level yourself. Have fun!

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