Practicing Daily

It’s Monday, and I’ve decided to try something different this week: write a daily blog post for 7 days.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re used to seeing a new post every week or so, whenever I get “inspired” to write about a piano improv-related topic. Here’s a recent post, about Paul McCartney’s piano style:

Did Paul McCartney Invent The Modern Pop Piano Accompaniment Style?

So why am I posting daily this week? Several reasons:

  1. I want to challenge myself.
  2. I see a parallel between playing piano and the experience of daily writing; they both involve commitment, inspiration, discipline and enjoyment. After all, the biggest challenge in learning the piano isn’t the actual practicing. It’s about finding a way to connect with the piano on a daily, or at least a regular basis and making it a rewarding part of our lives. Like eating lunch. Everything comes from that.
  3. Maybe my blog will take on a new dimension if I write daily. (Only one way to find out!)
  4. I’ll see if pianists find it interesting/fun/inspiring to hear from me every day. Maybe it’ll motivate them in the way that daily blogs have motivated me.

Let’s both play or listen to some music today!

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