Piano Improv tips on Snapchat!


Wow! A few months ago I didn’t even know what Snapchat was, and now I’m already using it several times each day!

Have you tried it yet? Just download it for free on your phone or ipad and follow me at username: rondrotos. Every day I post short clips, practice tips, and inspiration in all forms of piano improv.

It’ll take you a few minutes to figure out how to use, so here’s a quick tip that will save you lots of time: you can swipe the screen to get to a new page. If I ever can’t figure out how to get somewhere on Snapchat, I just swipe the screen a few times and I invariably end up where I want to go!

Give Snapchat a try; as a pianist, you’ll be glad you did. You can follow me at username: rondrotos

See you there!!!

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