Pachelbel’s Canon Rag: a piano arrangement for you!

Pach Canon p1-page-0Drum roll please… I’ve just finished arranging the famous Pachelbel’s Canon in the ragtime style of Scott Joplin. I had fun creating this version and you can get your copy as a free download HERE.

So far I’ve played it for a few neighbors and piano students and everyone thinks it will make a good recital piece if you want something “familiar yet a little exciting and different.” (Of course you’ll have fun playing it at home too.)

The download contains 2 versions: an intermediate/advanced version and a simplified “beginner” rendition if you’re not experienced at playing ragtime. So whatever you level of playing you’re at, you can learn and enjoy playing the piece.

You can also watch a video of me playing the Pachelbel’s Canon Rag.

Please feel free to share this with as many of your friends as you like. I’m really excited about this arrangement and hope a lot of people have fun playing it. And when you learn it, I’d love to see a YouTube video of you playing it. That way, you can see me playing it at the above link and I can enjoy your performance too!

I hope you and your friends have fun playing this arrangement!!!

Please feel free to share Pachelbel’s Canon Rag with your piano-playing friends. The world needs as much fun piano music as possible 🙂

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