Music to help you when you’re tired and stressed out

Here’s a piece of music to listen to when you’re tired and stressed out.

No, it won’t solve your problems or make them go away. But it worked for me while I was in college and it worked for a teenage piano student of mine when she felt overwhelmed by her homework.

When I was overtired from studying and practicing piano for long hours, I’d go to my school’s music library, put on some headphones, close my eyes and lose myself in these sounds. A half hour later, I’d emerge refreshed and rejuvenated. I wouldn’t be surprised if Beethoven actually wrote this music to do this!

Of course there’s other music that can do the same thing, and we all have our own individual preferences. You may want to try listening to this the next time you’re tired and stressed out, or try different music for yourself and see what helps you the best.

Whatever piece you find, it’s well worth the effort.  J.K Rowling got it right in the Harry Potter books when she had Albus Dumbledore say,” Ah, music! A magic beyond all we do here!”

Here are 10 ways to improve and invigorate your piano playing. Good luck!


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