Music and the human spirit

There’s something about music that reflects the human spirit. Even though the term “music” eludes precise definition, there’s no question that music is essential to human existence in one form or another. People have made music since the earliest times and will continue to make music, no matter what. Music helps us celebrate the good times and gives us strength during difficult times.

Here’s a piece that goes deep in this regard. It took many years for me to feel the strength reflected in this music. (I even sang it with my college choir at Carnegie Hall, without fully appreciating the emotion contained within it.) But listening to it on its native French soil, while once driving through Normandy, I felt how it embodies the human will to persevere. It’s also some of the most beautiful music ever conceived.

There is other music that serves the same purpose, in all genres. Feel free to share some of your own thoughts in the comments section below.

Here’s another piece that does it for me, from the world of jazz.

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