Mission accomplished: one more pianist becomes comfortable improvising

I’d like to share an email I received yesterday from a student of mine.  Virginia takes my classes each summer at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.  What made me smile was that she’s taken what she’s learned and brought it into her daily life in a wonderful and natural way.  She readily agreed to let me share this with you, to “spread the joy” as she put it:

“Dear Ron, Last night I was at an extended family gathering, and there was a piano there. After dinner, one of the others sat down at the piano and started playing a bass chords combo rhythm on the piano. Thanks to your inspiration and guidance, I had the guts to go over to the instrument and fool around, improvising a melody (key of C, I am happy to note). Anything I played sounded great to the others in the room. I was very pleased with myself.  Virginia”

To me, the best thing about Virginia’s accomplishment isn’t how well she played (although I’m sure she sounded great).  The point is that she simply improvised.  No stress, no “baggage,” no worries. She played music simply, naturally, and for the personal and communal joy of it. Virginia has learned to do it, and you can too!

 Here are some piano improv lessons to get you started. 

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