Learning piano with the energy of a kid

Take a few kids to a local park, throw them a ball, and watch the magic happen. It may take only a few seconds, or it may take a full minute, but one of them will invariably call out the name of a game and the whole group will jump into action.


“Let’s play soccer!”


That’s the magical moment we’re all looking for with the piano. Instant energy!

And just in case you’re thinking “It’s no use, I’m not a kid anymore,” let me tell you that it is possible. For you. Yes, it is!

I saw this happen during a workshop I taught. A man in his 70’s came to the first class, hesitant to participate and tired. By the end of the week he was practically giggling at the excitement he was feeling. He was rejuvenated and had the energy of a child.

It comes from having the same attitude that kids do in that instant when they get the idea to play a game. At that moment, it’s not “we have to,” but rather “we want to!”

And it can happen to you, at the piano, today. (And it can change everything!)

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