Keith Jarrett as a role model for beginning piano improvisers

When I begin teaching new piano students, it’s not long before I begin sending them Keith Jarrett videos and giving them insights about his music.

In addition to sharing my love of Jarrett’s music, I do this because I consider Jarrett to be a great role model for pianists of all levels and experience. One reason for this is because Jarrett has recorded all different types of music, from jazz to classical to rock/funk to gospel and pop influences.

Another reason is that Keith isn’t afraid to play very simply, and this gives hope to beginners who may feel like they have to play fast and complex music before they become happy with their own playing. Even beginning improvisers can apply Jarrett’s approach to their own playing, right away.

I recently put together a list of my Jarrett-related blog posts for a new student. Because I was pleasantly surprised at how much is in these articles, I thought I’d post them here as well. There’s a lot that I’ve never seen discussed anywhere else, particularly about Jarrett’s musical intros and the analysis of his famous Köln concert recording.

Let me know if you have observations of your own to add, in the comments section below!

The end of the Keith Jarrett Standards Trio

Keith Jarrett gets lyrical at Carnegie Hall: Concert review

The Erroll Garner – Keith Jarrett connection

How Keith Jarrett’s improvised introductions are constructed

A fresh listen to Keith Jarrett’s Koln Concert

The Art of Keith Jarrett

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