Keeping your musical thread going

Life can get busy, and we sometimes can’t get to the piano as much as we’d like to. And if you’re traveling, you may find yourself away from a keyboard for weeks or even months at a time.

Aspiring pianists frequently ask me what they can do about their piano playing during these busy times. Should they wait until all the planets align in just the right way before they begin learning a new song or take a piano lesson? Or should they begin something new, knowing it will be interrupted yet again?

From what I’ve seen over the years, keeping the thread going will help
the most. Getting back to it whenever we can, even if it’s only for a
short while before another trip. Otherwise, months may pass before we
make real progress. It’s better to plant the seed and water it as often as
you can, even with interruptions.

If you put something off 10 times, you may find you’ve lost years of musical enjoyment. Play for the moment, not the future.

Keep your musical thread going.

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